My arrangements

The key aspect of my arranging is flexibility, and adaptability to the skills and requirements of the commissioner.  I can re-scale large pieces for small groups (a range of film music rethought for violin and cello duo, to be released by the duo R2, would be an example), adapt pop songs or jazz standards for classical ensembles, and arrange mash-ups and medleys. The brief ranges from close adherence to the spirit of the original (for example, the 'Deep River' arrangement done on the last Night of the Proms 2023), through reimagining for more unusual combinations of instruments (most of my arrangements for the Jess Gillam ensemble), to a virtual recomposition in a more contemporary idiom (my arrangement of a Casulana madrigal soon to be released by United Strings of Europe on BIS). I can work quickly, and meet tight deadlines

Purchasing and Commissioning Arrangements

The bulk of my arrangements are now published by Faber, and can be accessed via To commission an arrangement, please use my website contact page. We can then discuss your precise requirements as to style and level of difficulty, and negotiate a price based on the length, and the number of instruments involved.

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Some of my arrangements

Blueberg Air

Sakura Bernstein arrangement


Paganini 24